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ABC's The Last Defense:  Darlie Routier Docu-Series

Jamie Fawn   Dept Head: Makeup, Hair and SFX

4 Episodes  (S1:E1,E2, E3, E4)  June 2018

FREE Streaming available on ABC.GO.COM

I had the pleasure of Dept Head:  makeup, hair and SFX work in this 4 part docu-series for ABC June 2018.  This project required hair and makeup set in mid/late 90's as well as creating light SFX bruising and knife wounds to match crime scene photos from the case files.  Probably the most intense and interesting project I've been on. The story is set in 1997, Darlie Routier, wife and mother, was sentenced to death for the brutal stabbing murder of her two young sons, a crime she insists she did not commit. Now 20 years on death row in Texas, the contentious debate over the fairness of her trial is more polarized than ever.

Talk about a great day on set.  What a joy getting to do makeup on the beautiful Juliana Hough for AbbVie Pharmaceutical Commercial raising awareness for endometriosis.  You will actually see me doing Julianna's makeup on set in the MEinEndo commercial.

Always ALWAYS - dress nice and look sharp!  You never know when you'll be tossed into the commercial as an extra. Fun day on set as Makeup and Hair.  Watch to the end and you see me doing a little acting.  I'll be keeping my day job as a Makeup Artist for sure LOL.  Commercial - 2017

I absolutely LOVED meeting Myles Garret.  Such a great role model and just all around fun person.  Myles Garrett 2017 first pick in the NFL football draft.  Myle's Garret towered over me!  I had to climb a ladder to style his hair.  Photographer Marc Morrison took the images for print in Athelon Magazine.  This video shows our behind the scenes.   

Life casting - its messy work but I dig it. 

I have clients that hire me to do Avant garde looks for costume parties, Halloween or fun photo shoots.  This particular client hired me for the day and said anything goes.  We grabbed everything we could and made it up as we went along.  Watch for the part where I turn a lace umbrella into a skirt.  We ended up getting published in 4 different magazines.  I LOVE days like this. 

I think it is important to continue to stretch myself as an artist.  One way I get to do that is the 48 hour film contests.  I get to meet new people and try new skills working in a team setting and a new short film .  Santa-pocalypse was so fun and the name just makes me laugh.  We won first place and it went on to win awards in several film festivals all over the US.  Plus I met some super cool peeps!  I've already completed my 2018 film contest project and I'm looking for my next one.  October 2017

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