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My All Time Fav Brush Cleaner !

As a professional makeup artists it is essential that I clean my brushes between every client. There are several brush cleaning products on the market but what I love about Crazy Merman Brush Soap is the delicious scents they come in. Currently my favorite is Guava Fig but I also love the Lavender. The natural ingredients leaves my brushes feeling clean and soft and my customers love how fresh they smell.

Crazy Merman's handmade brush soaps begin with a cruelty-free, vegan base of natural ingredients and essential oils. Their fusion of coconut and olive oil removes makeup from natural and synthetic brushes, leaving them luxuriously soft, clean and conditioned. Because of their lack of harsh chemicals, Crazy Merman soaps are also perfect for cleaning beauty sponges and other tools.

I love being environmentally conscious and when you purchase Crazy Merman Brush it last forever, but when you are finished the cool jar can be used to store other small items in. And at only $15 for the 2oz and $27 for the 4oz it is a great deal.

To purchase your Crazy Merman Brush Cleaner from Camera Ready Cosmetics click here:

Happy Cleaning!!

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